• Refreshing tonic with moisturizing cucumber extract. Use after cleansing and before applying a face mask.
    Aqueous dispersion with cucumber extract, humectants, and panthenol.
    Smoothing and refreshing preparation for application after skin cleansing.
    The tonic is applied in a circular motion onto cleansed skin. Follow up care with DMS®-base cream and add active agents depending on specific needs.
  • Long-lasting moisture lotion, personalized for each individual's needs.
    This aqueous-based lotion features Saccharide Isomerate, a unique sugar complex known for deep, lasting hydration. It binds with the skin's keratin, ensuring persistent moisture even after cleansing. The Individual Lotion is also tailored with dermaviduals serums to meet specific skin needs.
    • Personalized Care
    • Deep Hydration
    • Reinforces Barrier Function
    • Microbiome Balance
    • Acid Mantle Protection
    • Even Skin Renewal
    • Skin Tightening
    • Silky Smooth Finish
    • Enhanced Elasticity
    Key Ingredients:
    Skin-moisture-binding saccharides.
    Infused with Saccharide Isomerate, a distinctive sugar complex, this lotion offers more than mere hydration. It binds naturally with the skin's keratin, ensuring sustained hydration that lasts. Additionally, by balancing the skin's pH and bolstering its microbiome, the lotion provides deeper nourishment and protection. The outcome is skin that feels consistently hydrated, protected, and radiant.
    After cleansing, spritz into your hand, press onto the skin, then apply your tailored serum and base cream.
  • The moisturizing facial care for the whole day. Tightens and refreshes skin and connective tissue.
    Aqueous preparation with horsetail and cucumber extract, D-panthenol and moisturizers ("M").
    The product intensely moisturizes the skin. Cucumber extract has astringent effects. Horsetail extract contains tightening silicic acid, saponines and flavonoids.
    The face lotion is spread over the skin and dapped with droplets on the dehydrated areas. It can also be applied from time to time during the day ("in between").
  • A spray with liquid nanoparticles to treat dehydrated, low fat and acne-prone skin. Those suffering from dry skin with skin barrier disorders can benefit from a lotion with a high oil content to restore its natural balance. Lotion N features nature-identical vegetable oils encapsulated in nanoparticles, including high quality membrane components and essential fatty acids to combat those skin issues. It also works to regenerate the skin barrier while preventing dryness, perfect for those with light acne or impurities and dry skin. To Use: Spray onto the respective skin parts and then spread using the palms of your hands. Lotion N works well with a skin regimen including DMS®-base cream High Classic Plus. Product not available online.
  • For care and prevention of blemished and hyperactive skin. Non fattening aqueous lotion.
    Süüsmoon®-Lotion P contains liposomes, nature-identical vegetable acids, urea and panthenol (provitamin).
    Hyperactive skin needs effective first-aid measures to restore the natural balance. It is very important to keep skin caring substances at a minimum dose while using a skin care product that simultaneously has cleansing and regenerating properties to avoid further irritation. Süüsmoon®-Lotion P meets those requirements and supports prevention of psoriaris. Due to the large concentration of linoleic acid in the liposomes used, Süüsmoon®-Lotion P is also effective in treating and cleansing blemished skin (pre-acne). Liposomes are used as natural "means of transportation" for skin care agents. When included in preparations like in the present lotion, they are capable of performing gentle cleansing as well as skin caring functions. The liposomes described here consist of natural phosphatidylcholine which is also to be found in the human cell membrane and contains large amounts of linoleic acid (vitamin F). The human organism and above all the skin needs linoleic acid, which the human body is not able to synthesize. Süüsmoon®-Lotion P spreads easily on the skin due to its liquid consistency and does not leaves an oily film.
    Süüsmoon®-Lotion P is gently patted on the dry parts of the skin. For skin cleansing apply Süüsmoon®-Lotion P in circular motions using a swab or sponge. After cleansing, re-apply some fresh lotion, wait for absorption and wipe off the excess moisture. After the treatment, the skin should not be rinsed off with water or skin cleansing products.
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