Aging is an unwelcome fact of life, and the skin is the first organ of the body to show its signs. How our skin ages is dependent on two separate pathways. The first is called “intrinsic” aging, which is simply part of the natural internal aging process, including genetics. The appearance of soft lines around the eyes and mouth are an indication that the natural aging process is underway.

The second pathway to aging skin is termed “extrinsic” or “external” aging, and it is this process that causes the most visible damage to skin.  So what causes external aging? Up to 90% of external aging is caused by exposure to UV radiation due its assault on the skins support systems and structures. Additional factors such as lifestyle choices, psychological stress, excessive exfoliation, aggressive treatments and inappropriate skin care are also contributors. Once set in motion, extrinsic aging works to speed up natural aging process.

In every expression of aging skin, we know that the skin barrier system is becoming more and more impaired. Together intrinsic and extrinsic aging combine to impede the skin’s protective barrier system resulting in:

  • deep lines and wrinkles
  • dull and lifeless skin
  • loss of collagen and elastin
  • sagging and loose skin
  • rough, dry skin, cracked and scaly skin
  • pigmentation including sun spots and freckles
  • inflamed skin that shows redness and vascular changes including little thread like vessels, which are actually distended capillaries
  • thin skin that tears and bruises easily, and is slow to heal
  • increased risk of infection and skin cancer

The skin care market offers consumers a wide choice of products with lofty promises of reversing these affects, however, traditional formulations usually contain barrier damaging ingredients, which actually speed up the signs of aging by:

  • washing away the skins waterproofing barrier
  • removing the skins natural UV barrier
  • removing  the skins antimicrobial barrier
  • impeding the skins immune function
  • causing skin sensitivity, allergy and irritation
  • turning off the skins natural healing processes
  • increasing the skins natural pH, which impedes barrier formation and a loss of protection

Unlike traditional moisturizers and anti-aging products, dermaviduals base creams are designed to preserve, protect and strengthen the skin. The moisturizers are formulated to resemble the chemical and physical characteristics of the natural skin barrier. Therefore, the supply of bio-identical lipids not only supports the integrity of the skin, but also helps regenerate skin within the deeper layers.  Based on the science of Corneotherapy, dermaviduals anti-aging creams, cleansers, lotions, tonics, therapeutic oils and active concentrates, work in much the same way as the skin barrier to provide a synergistic protection from premature aging. Individually adapted to suit the unique characteristics of each skin, these highly advanced products produce smooth, radiant and healthy skin, which is able to resist external assaults leading to the signs of aging.