One of the top identified reasons we look older is due to hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. Those pesky dark spots can show up as early as our teen years due to the inflammation of acne. But the largest percentage of hyperpigmentation complaints are due to photodamage and the process of aging. Our lifestyle and history of sunburns, tans and general ultraviolet light exposure begin to add up. Dark spots appear.

What most people don’t realize is that hyperpigmentation occurs in the upper layers of the skin and indeed is influenced by and corrected through skin barrier therapy. Enter dermaviduals skincare based on that very concept of corneotherapy and the restoration of skin barrier health.

Hyperpigmentation results from a process much like a series of gears. There are many places along that series of gears where we can interrupt the process and impede the final results. With dermaviduals hyperpigmentation treatment, we target and interrupt as many gears in the production of hyperpigmentation as possible.

Fade your hyperpigmentation with a comprehensive skincare solution including state of the art active concentrates as well as our DMS technology to effectively brighten the skin for a glowing and even complexion. In hyperpigmentation treatment, DMS sets the stage for a healthy environment in which targeted ingredients are directly delivered to do their work. Products may be individually adapted to suit the unique characteristics of each skin. Dermaviduals’ highly advanced products are truly adaptable to and safe for all skin types.


Stop seeing spots. Experience a new solution in hyperpigmentation treatment with dermaviduals.