Base gel for combination with active agents.
Intensive care.


The gel – free of emulsifiers – shows excellent lubricating properties and contains moisturising agents and permeable filming substances both causing a slight reduction of trans epidermal water loss.


The gel can be applied on face, body and extremely sensitive skin. It can be enriched by aqueous actives (extracts, mono substances, liposomes, nanoparticles). In connection with liposomes and nanoparticles compositions of the base gel with vegetable oils are also possible. Apart from any excess amount it is not necessary to remove the gel after ultrasound applications or wash off the gel.


The 50 ml dispenser contains 25 ml base gel. Up to 25 ml active agent concentrates can be added at room temperature. The gel is the base for skin care products with lifting, hydrating, cooling and soothing properties. The composition of the base gel and the ultrasound gel (dermaviduals® salon only cabinet) are the same; therefore the base gel can also be used for ultrasound applications. Base gel and DMS®-base creams are compatible with each other and can be mixed; the base gel itself does not contain any DMS®.

The properties described above refer to the pure base gel. Specific properties with respect to skin elasticity, skin soothing and skin hydration can be adjusted by active agent concentrates.