Toning and smoothing nano dispersion for care of reddened skin
Saponins and spartein stabilize blood vessels and connective tissue


Nanoparticular dispersion of butcher’s broom extract, aescin, phytosterols and native phosphatidylcholine.


Butcher’s broom extract contains ruscin, ruscogenin and neo-ruscogenin, as well as the alkaloid spartein. Just like vitamin K1 that is no longer permitted in cosmetic products, the extract together with the aescin from the horse-chestnut tree stabilizes the superficial blood vessels and the surrounding connective tissue. Thus it is the appropriate care for reddened and swollen skin, even in the eye area. It strengthens the vessels and smoothes the tissue.

The product can be combined with:

Liposome concentrate Plus: activity and size of sebaceous glands are stabilized
Echinacea extract: care for skin prone to teleangiectases


Additive for DMS base creams.
Local skin treatment by applying the pure concentrate.