For stimulation of the micro-circulation. Partial or full body massage treatments.


Main components are almond oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, olive oil, grape seed oil as well as native phosphatidylcholine. The massage oil is rich in essential oils and skin protection substances like phytosterols and choline.


The specific composition of this oil guarantees a lasting and gentle massage treatment combined with excellent skin caring effects. At the same time the skin is provided with essential substances to support its protective function. The massage stimulates the microcirculation of the skin.


In partial or full body massage treatments, the oil is applied and subsequently massaged into the skin with circular motion. If desired, the oil can be enriched with essential oils like menthol or mint oil which both have local cooling effects. With the adequate additives the oil can also be applied for ayurveda and aroma therapy treatments. Sparsely applied the product can also be used as appropriate body oil after a bath or shower. The oil is perfectly suitable for blemished and dry skin.

Further applications:

  • Additive for DMS®-base creams (dermaviduals®-modular) for individual skin care preparations
  • Additive for masks and packs made of base creams (dermaviduals®-modular)
  • In combination with Terra Sana for a gentle body peeling
  • In combination with granulated salt as a stimulating salt peeling
  • Skin care for osmotic skin disorders (sensitivity to watercontaining
  • Pedicure applications (podology)