Care of sensitive facial skin
For facial care


Oleogel R contains vegetable oils, barrier protecting substances and azelaic acid, betulinic acid, Urea, frankincense extract, zinc salt and evening primrose oil on an ointment base free of water. The product penetrates very fast due to the content of natural phosphatidylcholine.


Oleogel R is designed for care of sensitive facial skin. Often high dosages of lipids are wanted in this case. However the use of lipid-rich skin care products can be counterproductive – especially if anaerobic germs are present. Oleogel R possesses maximal lipid content without this disadvantage. Essential gamma linolenic acid, azelaic acid, boswellic acids and betulinic acid serve the supporting prevention of inflammatory skin reactions. Urea shows anti-itching effect, and zinc PCA additional antimicrobial activity. Already very small amounts of the product are sufficient at use, because Oleogel R is extremely economical in the care of impaired skin (three to fourfold efficacy of an emulsion).


Oleogel R is used and well spread preferably in the evening because of the content of essential fatty acids. In combination with fatty oils like avocado oil the product can be applied for massage purposes.