For skin susceptible to barrier disorders.
Product with high content of gamma-linolenic acid.


Evening primrose oil and highly enriched phosphatidylcholine (PC) incoporated in aqueous nanoparticles.


Encapsulating the evening primrose oil, which is rich in gamma-linolenic acid, in nanoparticles preserves the effectiveness for a long time. Furthermore, this method ensures an optimal transport into the skin. It regulates trans epidermal water loss and increases skin hydration.


Additive to the DMS®-base cream. The evening primrose oil aids persons suffering from atopic skin to balance the lack of gamma-linolenic acid and, accordingly, has a prophylactic effect. Evening primrose oil nanoparticles are recommended for low-fat skin as well as for blemished skin.

Local skin treatment is gained by applying the pure concentrate.