Dry winter skin is a signal that something has gone wrong with the skins defensive barrier system. Dryness, stinging, burning, flaking, roughness, itching and inflammation, indicate there is a reduction in the key lipids (ceramide, cholesterol and free fatty acids), which make the natural waterproofing of the skin – that is, forming a permeability barrier. In normal skin the permeability barrier is also an effective anti-microbial barrier as it prevents the penetration into the body of pathogenic microbes, allergens, and other noxious substances. In dry skin the loss of these key barriers increase the aging process of the skin and exaggerate the appearance sagging skin, pigmentation, lines and wrinkles.

The treatment of dry and sensitive skin usually involves a topical application of traditional moisturizers formulated to hydrate the skin with humectants and occlusive ingredients (petrolatum and silicones). Unfortunately, this approach often shuts down the skins natural repair process because these ingredients trick the skin into thinking that the barrier has been corrected. However, in about 4 hours after these ingredients have evaporated from the skin, the stratum corneum senses that the problem has not been corrected, and a defective barrier rapidly forms once more. Since the skin is not able to repair itself due to the inappropriate ingredients of some traditional moisturizers, it becomes dependent on the moisturizer for hydration and protection. Sadly, the skin has become addicted to products and ingredients that keep the dry skin cycle going. The lack of normal barrier formation combined with the persistent drying and hydration of the skin leads to additional barrier defects, and possibly the development of other skin conditions. It’s time to break the dry skin cycle!

Dermaviduals base cream moisturizers with DMS (Dermal Membrane Structure) differs from traditional moisturizers because the formulation is designed to target the underlying cause of the barrier defect, not just the symptom. Based on the science of corneotherapy, dermaviduals base cream moisturizers with DMS work by infusing the same natural lipids found within the skins permeability barrier with patented Dermal Membrane Structure (DMS). DMS physically and chemically mimic the membrane structure of the skins permeability barrier with the inclusion of ceramide, free fatty acids and cholesterol, in a 1:1:1 ratio. This healing approach naturally slows water loss through the skin, accelerates the repair process, and builds a naturally strong barrier against internal and environmental factors which cause dry, sensitive and aging skin.

Dermavidals moisturizers work with your skin because it’s formulated to act like your skin. Each customized DMS moisturizers works to correct and rebuild the skins barrier defense system, which results in barrier homeostasis, balanced hydration and a more youthful and radiant appearance of the skin. Since no two skins are alike, dermaviduals moisturizing creams with DMS come in three strengths and are selected based on an individual skin type and condition. dermaviduals Base Creams with DMS can be further customized with selected active ingredients to address the unique needs of an individual skin.

When the barrier fails don’t treat the symptoms, treat the cause with dermaviduals corneotherapy moisturizing creams. Finally, a corneotherapy based moisturizer that works with your skin and not against it. Say goodbye to dry skin!