A multi-use shampoo bar for healthy skin, hair and scalp!

Looking for a multi-use shampoo bar to gently cleanse your face, body, and scalp? Introducing dermavidualsⓇ new 3-in-1 shampoo bar!

Not only does the simplicity of it all help cut down on time spent in the shower going from product to product, but more than that, it helps support a healthy scalp and skin microbiome! Formulated with biodegradable tensides, this multi-use bar produces a satisfying lathering effect without the use of barrier-disrupting surfactants.

Meet star ingredient: Kaolin

Our new shampoo bar contains triglycerides and a lipid complex of sunflower, jojoba, and acacia (mimosa) waxes. This winning combination is rich in vitamins and minerals that fight dandruff, calm inflammation and locks in moisture. Not only that, the blend lends itself to a lovely, floral scent, making your shower time a little bit of an oasis.

Star ingredient Kaolin removes pollutants, excess sebum, sweat and wax from the skin and hair without ever dehydrating it. That’s because Kaolin absorbs hydrophilic (having a special affinity for water) as well as lipophilic (having a special affinity for oil) substances with ease. Because it has a phyllosilicate structure that is not intense or overpowering, Kaolin works well for those with dry or sensitive skin and scalp.

Another benefit? It’s easy on the hair shafts, leaving your tresses sleek and frizz-free. Simply rinse out in the shower and style as usual!

As a body product, it’s a great cleanser for anyone! Use it for face and/or back acne, seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, or dry-reactive skin.

Enjoy this versatile, easy multi-use shampoo bar as part of your daily healthy scalp and healthy skin microbiome routine.

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