Meet the Lidlotion – Your Science-Backed Solution to Dry Eye

At dermaviduals®, it’s no secret we believe in products that repair and respect the natural skin barrier. This applied corneotherapy has helped us treat everything from dry skin to lipid metabolism disorders to inflammation and more.

But did you know that everything on your body forms barriers, including your eyelids? We’ve come to learn that your eyelids are the most important factor for keeping your eyes moisturized and functioning well!

When you blink, those lids move your tears down while glands release oil and put a barrier over your eyeball. These oils are responsible for the tear film. If you don’t have that barrier—the lipid membrane—your tears evaporate! This leads to dry eyes which is characterized by gritty, itchy, red, burning, and heavy eyelids.

If you or your clients have experienced this, you’re not alone! Dry Eye is the most common disease in ophthalmology, which is why Dr. Hans Lautenschläger, creator of dermaviduals, set out to find a solution.

Introducing Lidlotion

Developed with liposomal technology, this isotonic lotion is made with phosphatidylcholine—the main part of the phospholipids that appear in the natural lipid layer of the tear film. Lidlotion also contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin A, vitamin E, D-panhenol and eyebright extract (Euphrasia Officinalis). The pH value of is adjusted to the level of the tear film.

To apply, place a small amount of the Lidlotion on the fingertip of your index finger and gently dab it underneath your eye from the inner corner toward the outer corner. Do the same on the upper eyelid.

During application, the liposomes seep over the edge of the eyelid to heal irritations and keep it moist!

It quickly repairs itchy, burning sensations caused by Dry Eye and other environmental factors such as excessive screen time and air conditioning. It also works to reduce the feelings of tension around the eyelids–no more rubbing!

The product was tested under dermatological and ophthalmological supervision. It is suitable for people with contact lenses and was labeled by dermatest® with the quality seal “excellent”.

To get your hands, and eyes on it, get in touch today!