• Skin care for barrier disordered and atopic skin Care for face, body and hands.
    Oleogel N contains vegetable oils and barrier substances, furthermore urea and evening primrose oil on an ointment base free of water. The product penetrates very fast due to the content of natural phosphatidylcholine.
    Oleogel N is very efficient and provides dry and/or atopic skin effectively with lipids. The essential gamma-linolenic acid is used to support the prevention of inflammatory skin reactions − especially in case of δ-desaturase deficiency. Urea has an anti-itching effect. All you need is a small amount for the applications.
    Oleogel N is used preferably in the evening and thoroughly spread onto the skin areas. In combination with fatty oils like avocado oil the product can be applied for massage purposes and for pedicure applications (podology). Please apply very sparingly in a skin that is prone to rosacea. Pretreat in this case with Liposome concentrate Plus.
  • Skin care for extremely dehydrated skin. Care for face, body and hands.
    Oleogel Plus contains high-quality skin care oils of plant origin which penetrate quickly due to their combination with natural membrane components.
    Oleogel Plus is free of water and thus can be bottled free of preservatives. Oleogels are used for the care and protection of the extremely dry skin. Special fields of applications are: lip care, occupational skin protection (at the work place), eye contour care and supportive protection from endogenously caused skin lesions. Oleogel Plus is also recommended for perianal skin care. Oleogel Plus is thixotropic which means that it liquefies when applied to the skin. As it is virtually free of water, its active caring agents are highly concentrated which means that only small amounts will be needed. If soft crystals occur in the product, they do not affect the quality.
    Oleogel Plus is thoroughly spread onto the dehydrated skin areas. Oleogel Plus can also be used as protection for the lips. In combination with fatty oils like avocado oil the product can be applied for massage purposes and for pedicure applications (podology). The handy 15ml pot is useful for application specifically for the lips / eyes.
  • Bath oil for sensitive skin. Concentrate for bath and shower.
    Tenfione®-semisomal bath contains natural oils (olive oil, avocado oil) and vitamin E which spontaneously turn into a mixture of nanoparticles and liposomes (semisomes) when the product is mixed with water. Pure alcohol and urea support the formation of semisomes. tenfione®-semisomal bath is protected by patent.
    Tenfione®-semisomal bath is a body care product prepared with natural and nature-identical active agents for delicate and sensitive skin. The active agents are embodied in the horny layer of the skin by means of semisomes. This keeps the skin intact while bathing and leaves a velvety softness to the skin after the bath. The product is free of synthetic emulsifiers and preservatives and keeps the skin from feeling oily. tenfione®-semisomal bath is also suitable for the care of blemished skin due to its large content of linoleic acid.
    The product (10–20 ml) is carefully dropped into the bath which is then filled with warm water. By stirring the water a transparent milky fluid is obtained. Bathing time should be about 20 minutes. It is recommended to occasionally stroke over the skin. After the bath, avoid rinsing the skin with water and only slightly pat the skin dry with a towel. tenfione®-semisomal bath is suggested to be applied in the evenings.
    The product can also be applied as a shower product by gently spreading it directly onto the moist skin. The skin is then sparingly rinsed and dried. Be sure to use a non-slip shower mat and to place the glass jar away safely (danger of slipping due to oil film).
  • A spray with liquid nanoparticles to treat dehydrated, low fat and acne-prone skin. Those suffering from dry skin with skin barrier disorders can benefit from a lotion with a high oil content to restore its natural balance. Lotion N features nature-identical vegetable oils encapsulated in nanoparticles, including high quality membrane components and essential fatty acids to combat those skin issues. It also works to regenerate the skin barrier while preventing dryness, perfect for those with light acne or impurities and dry skin. To Use: Spray onto the respective skin parts and then spread using the palms of your hands. Lotion N works well with a skin regimen including DMS®-base cream High Classic Plus. Product not available online.
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