Clay mineral gel base for modular skin care

Intensive skin care


Kaolin dispersed in an aqueous gel base.


The homogeneous green dispersion can easily be used for individual adjustments – preferably for care of face, neck and décolleté. Incorporated active agents are released to the skin effectively and continuously. Because of the aqueous gel base the mask shows a cooling activity. Independently from the added active agents the mask significantly increases the skin hydration during the treatment procedure. Therefore the mask is already effective without further additives


The product is ready for use; that means it has not to be mixed with water.
The kaolin dispersion (26 ml) can be adjusted with 4 ml active agents (extracts, liposomes, nanodispersions, mono substances and vegetable oils) or/and base creams up to 30 ml. The mixture is stirred by means of a spatula. After closing the dispenser a comfortable dosage of the content is possible – also in small quantities.
The Individual mask is applied on the pre-cleansed skin and remains on the skin as long as needed – mostly 10-20 min. At the end of the treatment the mask is removed by means of a moist compress and the residues got off by pure water. The skin feels pleasant and smooth.
The mask enables several treatments – depending on the skin area.