• With hyaluronic acid and butcher´s broom for care around the eyes. Smoothing, moisturising and toning effect.
    DMS® gel with hyaluronic acid, butcher's broom and cucumber extract as well as panthenol.
    The product has moisturising and smoothing effects due to its hyaluronic acid and panthenol content. Ruscin, ruscogenin and neoruscogenin contained in butcher's broom extract are astringent and toning for the vascular system. It spreads easily and the DMS® contained stabilises the skin barrier around the eyes.
    Apply the product sparingly on the areas around the eyes. Eye gel plus is also recommended as a smoothing and moisturising facial mask. It has an agreeable cooling effect.
  • Refreshing tonic with moisturizing cucumber extract. Use after cleansing and before applying a face mask.
    Aqueous dispersion with cucumber extract, humectants, and panthenol.
    Smoothing and refreshing preparation for application after skin cleansing.
    The tonic is applied in a circular motion onto cleansed skin. Follow up care with DMS®-base cream and add active agents depending on specific needs.
  • Clay mineral gel base for modular skin care Intensive skin care Composition: Kaolin dispersed in an aqueous gel base. Properties: The homogeneous green dispersion can easily be used for individual adjustments - preferably for care of face, neck and décolleté. Incorporated active agents are released to the skin effectively and continuously. Because of the aqueous gel base the mask shows a cooling activity. Independently from the added active agents the mask significantly increases the skin hydration during the treatment procedure. Therefore the mask is already effective without further additives Application: The product is ready for use; that means it has not to be mixed with water. The kaolin dispersion (26 ml) can be adjusted with 4 ml active agents (extracts, liposomes, nanodispersions, mono substances and vegetable oils) or/and base creams up to 30 ml. The mixture is stirred by means of a spatula. After closing the dispenser a comfortable dosage of the content is possible - also in small quantities. The Individual mask is applied on the pre-cleansed skin and remains on the skin as long as needed - mostly 10-20 min. At the end of the treatment the mask is removed by means of a moist compress and the residues got off by pure water. The skin feels pleasant and smooth. The mask enables several treatments - depending on the skin area.
  • Color shade: Clear. For the problem skin - no mineral oils, silicones and preservatives.
    Natural waxes in form of shea butter, carnauba wax, bees wax, and propolis.
    Soft lipstick with smoothing and healing properties.
    For the care of dry and cracked lips: Any time any where, this easy to apply lip care is applied directly to the lips to nourish, repair and maintain great looking lips.
  • Phosphatidylserine skin care for premature aging and relief from inflammatory skin conditions.
    Oleogel S is enriched with skin-friendly lipids and phosphatidylserine (PS). PS isn't just an added boost—it's a natural part of every cell membrane, playing a vital role in keeping our skin cells healthy and helping our body naturally get rid of old and damaged cells.
    • Moisturizes
    • Calms inflammation
    • Relieves symptoms of eczema & psoriasis
    • Protects against premature aging
    • Strengthens skin barrier resilience
    • Natural lipid boost
    • Softens skin texture
    • Targets damaged cells
    Key Ingredients:
    Formulated with Phosphatidylserine, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Squalane, Jojoba Esters, Ceramide NP, and protective waxes. It is designed to rejuvenate, calm inflammation, target damaged cells, and strengthen barrier defenses.
    Enriched with natural, skin-caring lipids, Oleogel S is pure, water-free, and made just for your skin. No extras, only what your skin needs. Phosphatidylserine heals and fights inflammation, making it a go-to for sunburns, dryness, eczema, and psoriasis. And bonus? It's your daily defense against aging. Truly, your skin's best ally.
    Apply small amounts of Oleogel S – it's 3-4 times more potent than typical moisturizers. Spreads easily and is perfect for massages.
  • This multi-use cream is just as described: total cleansing. Use it as a replacement to traditional shower gels, as a hand wash, and even as a shampoo for sensitive scalps prone to dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis and eczema. With a composition free from preservatives, it’s great for all skin types including sensitive and problematic skin. Enjoy a nourished, clean feeling with a faint touch of orange scent! To Use: Apply to moist skin and rinse off with water. Product not available online.
  • An intensive anti-aging skin care mask for the face and body. Crafted with Vitamins A, C & E plus D-Panthenol and essential fatty acids, the mask works to prevent vitamin deficiency symptoms of the skin. Olus Oil helps control TEWL, leaving the skin feeling soft, smooth and well hydrated. Enjoy the powerful effects of the mask even after a measurable 72 hours. To Use: Spread onto your skin in a circular motion. There is no need to remove this mask. Product not available online.
  • The moisturizing facial care for the whole day. Tightens and refreshes skin and connective tissue.
    Aqueous preparation with horsetail and cucumber extract, D-panthenol and moisturizers ("M").
    The product intensely moisturizes the skin. Cucumber extract has astringent effects. Horsetail extract contains tightening silicic acid, saponines and flavonoids.
    The face lotion is spread over the skin and dapped with droplets on the dehydrated areas. It can also be applied from time to time during the day ("in between").
  • A spray with liquid nanoparticles to treat dehydrated, low fat and acne-prone skin. Those suffering from dry skin with skin barrier disorders can benefit from a lotion with a high oil content to restore its natural balance. Lotion N features nature-identical vegetable oils encapsulated in nanoparticles, including high quality membrane components and essential fatty acids to combat those skin issues. It also works to regenerate the skin barrier while preventing dryness, perfect for those with light acne or impurities and dry skin. To Use: Spray onto the respective skin parts and then spread using the palms of your hands. Lotion N works well with a skin regimen including DMS®-base cream High Classic Plus. Product not available online.


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