• Red clover for supporting the prevention of hormone-induced skin problems. Skin care during and after menopause. Composition: Aqueous red clover extract encapsulated in liposomes. Properties: Red clover balances estrogen deficiencies. In the cosmetic field it is used for the prevention of hormone-induced skin problems. It stimulates collagen synthesis as well as cell formation and slows down the collagen degradation process. The increased activity of the sebum glands due to high testosterone levels will therefore be returned to normal levels. Application: Additive for DMS®-base creams. Local skin treatment by applying the pure concentrate.
    20ml 800310
  • For care of oily and blemished skin. The extract is rich in different B vitamins and supports skin regeneration. Composition: Highly enriched phosphatidylcholine (PC) and yeast extract in liposomal dispersion. Properties: The liposomes are very rich in essential fatty acids and, together with the yeast extract, they intensely penetrate the uppermost skin layer. The yeast extract is rich in different vitamins of the B-series and supports skin regeneration. Application: Additive for DMS®-base creams for the treatment of blemished skin. Local skin treatment is gained by applying the pure concentrate.
    20ml 800320
  • The moisturizing facial care for the whole day. Tightens and refreshes skin and connective tissue. Composition: Aqueous preparation with horsetail and cucumber extract, D-panthenol and moisturizers (“M”). Properties: The product intensely moisturizes the skin. Cucumber extract has astringent effects. Horsetail extract contains tightening silicic acid, saponines and flavonoids. Application: The face lotion is spread over the skin and dapped with droplets on the dehydrated areas. It can also be applied from time to time during the day (“in between”).
  • An effective skin care solution for normal and oily skin. DMS, Derma Membrane Structure, creams are our proprietary blend that mimics the exact membrane structure of your skin barrier. Made with shea butter, ceramides, squalane, and natural moisturizers, our base creams are always free of emulsifiers and other agents. To Use: DMS Base Cream Classic is intended for regular use or to be custom blended with specific actives based on the individual’s needs. If your skin is adapting from products containing mineral oils and emulsifiers, your skin may initially feel dry but quickly followed by a soft, supple feeling. Product not available online.
  • Toning and smoothing nano dispersion for care of reddened skin. Saponines and spartein stabilise blood vessels and connective tissue.
    Nanoparticle dispersion of butcher's broom extract, phytosterols and native phosphatidylcholine.
    Butcher's broom extract contains the saponines ruscin, ruscogenin and neo-ruscogenin, as well as the alkaloid spartein. The extract stabilises the superficial blood vessels. Thus it is the appropriate care for reddened and swollen skin, even in the eye area. It strengthens the vessels and smoothes the tissue. The product can be combined with:
    • Liposome Concentrate Plus: activity and size of sebaceous glands are stabilised
    • Echinacea extract: care for skin prone to teleangiectases
    Additive for DMS®-base creams. Local skin treatment is gained by applying the pure concentrate.
  • For cracked, stressed, and dry skin. Extract from the leaves of the aloe vera plant.


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