• Essential cleansing cloth is made from PVA it is a high-tech, synthetic material that is lint-free and resists mold & mildew better than a regular sponge or towel. Removes make-up, dirt, and pollutants from the skin while preserving skin barrier function. Directions:
    1. Rinse with water before first use.
    2. Cleanse face with your prescribed dermaviduals cleanser.
    3. Use the moistened essential cleansing cloth to remove the cleanser.
    4. Rinse your essential cleaning cloth with warm water and allow it to air dry
    5. Machine wash in cold water when required.
  • Clay mineral gel base for modular skin care Intensive skin care Composition: Kaolin dispersed in an aqueous gel base. Properties: The homogeneous green dispersion can easily be used for individual adjustments - preferably for care of face, neck and décolleté. Incorporated active agents are released to the skin effectively and continuously. Because of the aqueous gel base the mask shows a cooling activity. Independently from the added active agents the mask significantly increases the skin hydration during the treatment procedure. Therefore the mask is already effective without further additives Application: The product is ready for use; that means it has not to be mixed with water. The kaolin dispersion (26 ml) can be adjusted with 4 ml active agents (extracts, liposomes, nanodispersions, mono substances and vegetable oils) or/and base creams up to 30 ml. The mixture is stirred by means of a spatula. After closing the dispenser a comfortable dosage of the content is possible - also in small quantities. The Individual mask is applied on the pre-cleansed skin and remains on the skin as long as needed - mostly 10-20 min. At the end of the treatment the mask is removed by means of a moist compress and the residues got off by pure water. The skin feels pleasant and smooth. The mask enables several treatments - depending on the skin area.
  • For application on spots of blemished skin Support of preventive care on skin prone to oily acne and rosacea.
    The special product with phosphatidylcholine and urea contains ribwort extract (active agent: acetoside), mahonia extract (active agent: berberin) and the keratolytic agent salicylic acid in a lipid-free, highly dosed liposomal formulation.
    The product is used on spots of skin prone to oily acne and rosacea as well as on blemished oily skin in general. Acetosid und berberin show anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects. Because of the high content of phosphatidylcholine the active agents are well spread and develop high efficacy.
    The product is locally applied, possibly twice a day. If necessary a gentle cleansing with Cleansing gel is recommended before.
  • An effective skin care solution for normal and oily skin. DMS, Derma Membrane Structure, creams are our proprietary blend that mimics the exact membrane structure of your skin barrier. Made with shea butter, ceramides, squalane, and natural moisturizers, our base creams are always free of emulsifiers and other agents. To Use: DMS Base Cream Classic is intended for regular use or to be custom blended with specific actives based on the individual’s needs. If your skin is adapting from products containing mineral oils and emulsifiers, your skin may initially feel dry but quickly followed by a soft, supple feeling. Product not available online.
  • Gentle removes the buildup of dead skin cells. Peeling and care of skin in one simple step.
    DMS®-cream with jojoba beads (wax particles).
    The DMS®-Peeling cream is free of tensides and emulsifiers. It is based on DMS®-cream; therefore we can speak of abrasive cleansing and skin care in one step without damaging the skin. Jojoba beads with their typical rubbing effect gently remove the tiny horny scales from the skin surface.
    The cream is applied in circular motions onto the skin and removed with a dampened tissue or face cloth without any further treatment.
  • Care of very sensitive skin. For face and body
    Moisturizing Cream with high-quality skin-care substances for environmental protection.
    White, easily spreading and fast penetrating cream, protecting the skin without leaving oil shine.
    The cream is applied in the morning or by day and is particularly suitable for longer staying outdoors.
  • Base gel for combination with active agents. Intensive care.
    The gel - free of emulsifiers - shows excellent lubricating properties and contains moisturising agents and permeable filming substances both causing a slight reduction of trans epidermal water loss.
    The gel can be applied on face, body and extremely sensitive skin. It can be enriched by aqueous actives (extracts, mono substances, liposomes, nanoparticles). In connection with liposomes and nanoparticles compositions of the base gel with vegetable oils are also possible. Apart from any excess amount it is not necessary to remove the gel after ultrasound applications or wash off the gel.
    The 50 ml dispenser contains 25 ml base gel. Up to 25 ml active agent concentrates can be added at room temperature. The gel is the base for skin care products with lifting, hydrating, cooling and soothing properties. The composition of the base gel and the ultrasound gel (dermaviduals® salon only cabinet) are the same; therefore the base gel can also be used for ultrasound applications. Base gel and DMS®-base creams are compatible with each other and can be mixed; the base gel itself does not contain any DMS®. The properties described above refer to the pure base gel. Specific properties with respect to skin elasticity, skin soothing and skin hydration can be adjusted by active agent concentrates.
  • A skin care solution for acne-prone and blemished skin. Featuring acetoside and berberin, PlutioDerm Plus has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects for preventing acne as well as salicylic acid for treating it. Made with our proprietary DMS®, Derma Membrane System, it respects the skin’s natural barrier, never stripping it and leaving it dry. To Use: Gently pat onto the problem areas, preferably twice a day. A mild cleansing with cleansing gel is recommended. For those with oily skin, we recommend combining with Süüsmoon®-Lotion P. Product not available online.
  • An effective skin care solution for normal and oily skin.  DMS® creams, made with dermaviduals’ unique Derma Membrane Structure, are a proprietary blend that mimics the exact composition of the skin barrier. Made with shea butter, ceramides, squalane, and natural moisturizers, our base creams are always free of emulsifiers, fragrances, colors, and preservatives. To Use: DMS Base Cream Classic is intended for regular use or to be custom blended with specific actives based on the individual’s needs. If your skin is adapting from products containing mineral oils and emulsifiers to dermaviduals DMS products, your skin may initially feel dry, but followed by a soft, supple feeling. Product not available online.
  • For care and prevention of blemished and hyperactive skin. Non fattening aqueous lotion.
    Süüsmoon®-Lotion P contains liposomes, nature-identical vegetable acids, urea and panthenol (provitamin).
    Hyperactive skin needs effective first-aid measures to restore the natural balance. It is very important to keep skin caring substances at a minimum dose while using a skin care product that simultaneously has cleansing and regenerating properties to avoid further irritation. Süüsmoon®-Lotion P meets those requirements and supports prevention of psoriaris. Due to the large concentration of linoleic acid in the liposomes used, Süüsmoon®-Lotion P is also effective in treating and cleansing blemished skin (pre-acne). Liposomes are used as natural "means of transportation" for skin care agents. When included in preparations like in the present lotion, they are capable of performing gentle cleansing as well as skin caring functions. The liposomes described here consist of natural phosphatidylcholine which is also to be found in the human cell membrane and contains large amounts of linoleic acid (vitamin F). The human organism and above all the skin needs linoleic acid, which the human body is not able to synthesize. Süüsmoon®-Lotion P spreads easily on the skin due to its liquid consistency and does not leaves an oily film.
    Süüsmoon®-Lotion P is gently patted on the dry parts of the skin. For skin cleansing apply Süüsmoon®-Lotion P in circular motions using a swab or sponge. After cleansing, re-apply some fresh lotion, wait for absorption and wipe off the excess moisture. After the treatment, the skin should not be rinsed off with water or skin cleansing products.
  • A gentle product for care and skin cleansing rolled into one. The Cleansing Milk with DMS®, made with dermaviduals’ unique Derma Membrane Structure, removes dirt particles and make-up residue without disturbing the skin’s natural barrier. Free of surfactants and emulsifiers, this creamy cleanser leaves a comfortable, nourished feeling for all skin types. To Use: Apply one pump and work onto dry skin using circular motions. Remove with a lightly dampened tissue or washcloth. Follow with Face Tonic or Soothing Lotion. Product not available online.  
  • This multi-use cream is just as described: total cleansing. Use it as a replacement to traditional shower gels, as a hand wash, and even as a shampoo for sensitive scalps prone to dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis and eczema. With a composition free from preservatives, it’s great for all skin types including sensitive and problematic skin. Enjoy a nourished, clean feeling with a faint touch of orange scent! To Use: Apply to moist skin and rinse off with water. Product not available online.
  • Color shade: Clear. For the problem skin - no mineral oils, silicones and preservatives.
    Natural waxes in form of shea butter, carnauba wax, bees wax, and propolis.
    Soft lipstick with smoothing and healing properties.
    For the care of dry and cracked lips: Any time any where, this easy to apply lip care is applied directly to the lips to nourish, repair and maintain great looking lips.
  • An effective anti-aging serum. Packed with a combination of vitamins A, C, E and provitamin B5 (panthenol), the lightweight liquid prevents vitamin deficiency systems while leaving the skin hydrated and visibly smooth for up to 72 hours. With the addition of vitamin F (essential fatty acids) in the form of liposomes and nanoparticles and DMS® components, it’s an excellent base for a DMS-focused regimen. To Use: Spread onto your skin in a circular motion. Once it’s absorbed, gently pat the skin with a dry tissue to remove the excess. Product not available online.
  • With hyaluronic acid and butcher´s broom for care around the eyes. Smoothing, moisturising and toning effect.
    DMS® gel with hyaluronic acid, butcher's broom and cucumber extract as well as panthenol.
    The product has moisturising and smoothing effects due to its hyaluronic acid and panthenol content. Ruscin, ruscogenin and neoruscogenin contained in butcher's broom extract are astringent and toning for the vascular system. It spreads easily and the DMS® contained stabilises the skin barrier around the eyes.
    Apply the product sparingly on the areas around the eyes. Eye gel plus is also recommended as a smoothing and moisturising facial mask. It has an agreeable cooling effect.
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